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  • Getting Started

    Prepare for our visit before the initial consultation

    1. Plan in advance!  Call or email as early as possible to make a reservation to ensure we can get you and your pets in our schedule.
    2. Fill out all pet-sitting paperwork completely and with as much detail as possible.  Everything we need to know about your pet and home is covered in our paperwork.
    3. Fill out a separate Pet Profile Form for each pet.  Even if you are just hiring us to visit your dog while you are at work, if you have a cat that we may come in contact with, we like to have their information as well, just in case of emergency.  This way, we are also set to take care of everyone if you go out of town. 
    4. Alert close neighbors and/or friends that we will be visiting your home while you are away (out of town or during the work day).
    5. Alert your home security agency that we will be visiting your home while you are away.
    6. Make sure you have plenty of food, treats, medication, litter, etc. on hand for as long as you will be away, plus extra in case your trip is extended.
    7. Have cleaning supplies (paper towel, carpet spot cleaner, trash bags, etc.) readily available.  Have a towel by the door for wiping off paws.  Have a broom & dustpan and/or hand vacuum nearby for cleaning around litter boxes.
    8. Empty your trash and clean out refrigerator/counter of perishable items before you leave if you will be away for an extended period of time.
    9. If you arrive home early, or will be delayed in your return, please call us ASAP so we can adjust our schedule accordingly.  Same applies for early or late departures.
    10. Alert us to any visitors to your house we may run into during our daily visits (i.e. cleaning service, repair service, out of town guests, lawn care professionals, etc.).
    11. When arriving home as scheduled from a trip, please call, email, or text to let us know that you are home and that our service is completed, no matter what time of day it is.
  • Booking Form
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    Once your booking has been confirmed, we will email you a copy of the paperwork to be filled out.
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