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Exceptional pet care under your "woof"...

Pricing and Policies

Short visit (15 minutes), some restrictions may apply$14 each visit (other charges may apply)
Total care visit (30 minutes)$18 each visit (other charges may apply)
Walking$18 & up (other charges may apply)
Overnight$75 (other charges may apply)
Extra pets$3 per pet per visit (other charges may apply)
Holiday feesNone at this time
Emergency care for your pet$25 per hour plus mileage
Cancellation chargesSee below
Home-touch extrasFree of charge
Return check charge$35.00
Key feeCost (only if a second key has to be made)
Credit card processing feeZero(1)


At the consultation, you and I will develop a care plan that works right for both you and your pet(s) using a combination of these types of visits. The time will vary depending upon how many pets you have and how much needs to be done. A guideline is 15 for a short visit for 1 pet. A total care visit for 1 pet is about 30 minutes. If you have more pets, more time will be added to meet all their needs (which is provided by the "extra" pet charges).

Additional pets

$3 per pet per visit (additional time is added to the visit to accommodate the extra pets) for a maximum of $30 per day extra.

Dog walking

If your pet requires walking, the fee will vary on length of walk, size of dog, number of dogs, and is a separate service. Please talk to us on our initial consultation for further information.

Holiday fees

A Leash Above does not charge extra fees for holidays at this time.

Emergency visits for established clients

Being the mother of a child with multiple disabilities, I know what it is like to spend unexpected time at a doctor's office or an emergency room. What happens if your husband/wife has a heart attack and you have to leave immediately with the ambulance? Sometimes neighbors are not available to "please let the dog out." If you have already established an initial consultation with us, we can be your backup. Amount of visit will depend upon the care level needs of the pet(s).

Key charge

We require 2 keys to be available at the initial consultation. If only 1 key can only be provided, an additional key will be made. The key(s) will be picked up at the initial consultation. One key is for the care professional and the other key is kept locked in our safe as a backup. Remote entry and keyless cards cannot be used as entry to the premises because they are easily hacked and does not secure your residence while you are away. Because of insurance reasons, we require a person-to-person key exchange.

Emergency Treatment For Your Pet While You Are Away

If your pet requires a vet visit for emergency care, hourly rates plus mileage will apply.

Home-Touch Extras

Free. This includes, but is not limited to: Getting the mail, bringing in newspapers, open/close curtains, fill a bird feeder, feed the fish, minimal yard clean-up, water inside plants, alternate lights, put garbage/recyclables out, bring garbage/recycle bins in. If you don't see something listed on our web site, just ask us. If it is within reason and does not take away that much time from your pets, it can definitely be considered.

Reservations and Cancellations

Please note that last minute requests for service are not guaranteed, and time slots may not be available. The more notice given, the more likely the request will be accommodated. Reservations are not considered confirmed until an initial consultation is done and initial estimated payment due is paid (exception of setting up an account for daily dog walking that will go on for months).

For Pet Sitting

Reservations: Requests for new client service less than 5 calendars days in advance will incur an additional $30 late reservation charge. Fee may be waived in emergency situations. Please note that last minute requests for service are not guaranteed, and time slots may not be available. The more notice given, the more likely the request will be accommodated. Established clients will incur an additional $10 late fee if given less than 24 hours notice. Fee may be waived in emergency situations at owner's discretion). (2)
Cancellations: No charge if scheduled service is canceled 2 or more calendar days in advance, or due to an emergency. A $30 charge will be assessed for new client service canceled less than 2 calendar days in advance. There is No Refund if you return early and do not call to let us know. However, we may credit your account in emergency situations. (2)

For Overnight Service

Reservations: All overnight reservations must be prepaid in full and nothing is considered reserved until paid. Requests for overnight service less than 7 calendar days in advance will incur an additional $5 per visit late reservation charge, up to a maximum of $30 per day.
Cancellations: There are No Refunds for overnight service cancellations. However, we may credit your account in emergency situations. (2)


A credit card number or PayPal account number to be kept on file is now required. Upon your return, if you wish to pay by cash/check, we would gladly accept that as an alternative means of payment. If you choose to opt-out of this arrangement, we require 100% of the estimated amount due at the time of reservation (at least 48 hours in advance) with any remainder of unexpected expenses (for example, pet food, vet care, extended length of care due to travel delays, etc.) due upon return. Your credit card information will be kept in our safe and will not be stored on-line or in any unsecured areas. The transaction is conducted via PayPal Here. If there's one thing people know about PayPal, it's how seriously they take security. Automatic fraud screening and their Seller Protection Policy help keep A Leash Above and our clients safe. PayPal Here is PCI-compliant. For more information about this secure process, please see http://www.paypal.com/here If you wish to opt-out of this arrangement, 100% of the estimated amount due at least 48 hours prior to service commencement date if by check, or immediately before the service date if by cash, with any miscellaneous amount due upon your return.
For clients who use our services every day or several times each week, we can discuss at the consultation what may work out best as far as billing on a weekly basis or monthly basis.


If you paid via check, as soon as your check clears our bank, we will issue a check back to you, minus any fees as noted above. If you paid by PayPal, credit card or debit card, we will refund your money via PayPal, minus the appropriate fees as noted above. If you paid by cash, a refund in cash will be given. This requires a visit in-person and a signature to acknowledge cash transaction.

Referral Program

Pet sitting businesses are often built on word-of-mouth referrals. If we've provided excellent care to your pets, please spread the word about us.
If you were referred by someone, let us know who. Once your service has been completed, you both will receive a $10.00 coupon for future service.
It is illegal to charge credit card processing fees within the state of Texas (the new settlement nationally reached in the summer of 2012 that was to take effect at the end of January 2013 are not valid in the state of Texas (and several other states) because we have laws prohibiting credit card surcharges. If you are being charged a fee, you can fill out a consumer complaint. See https://www.oag.state.tx.us/consumer/credit_cards.shtml Please also see this Visa site for details: http://usa.visa.com/personal/using_visa/checkout_fees/index.html
Regarding emergency situations, it will be necessary to show proof of the emergency (i.e., a doctor's note, a bill or discharge papers from the hospital and other such things).
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