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Exceptional pet care under your "woof"...


Miss Kitty 2
Warm, friendly yet very professional.

Kathy H.

MK misses you! I give her a treat and tell her you are saying hello! I can't tell you how much your service contributed to our peace of mind which then contributed to the quality of our extended vacation. What a fantastic job on the mail! We breezed through that task! THANK YOU!

V&B, The Woodlands

Miss Kitty 1
Miss Kitty 2

I have two dogs, one would love to just lick you to death and one rather large "problem child (PC)". Very shortly after she walked into my home and sat down for the initial interview, my "PC" was sniffing Hilda and giving kisses. The only other "stranger" he has taken to that quickly was my sister (obviously, he prefers the girls). Hilda's follow-up emails are always informative; and because my dogs have accepted Hilda complete, I have no hesitation leaving my "children" in her care

A grateful client

Miss Kitty 1
Miss Kitty 2

Hilda was very professional and paid attention to detail. She really does care about my sweet Becky and took very good care of her and our home.

Lori D

Pet Sitting Becky
Pet Sitting Becky
Pet Sitting Becky

Hilda exceeded our hopes and expectations. She was beyond attentive of our dog's needs and was always very punctual. We always felt at ease with her knowing our dog was in safe, quality care, and we would recommend her to friends and family in a heartbeat!

David & Roxana E., The Woodlands, TX

It was so comforting to know that you were treating my dogs while I was away just as I would. I loved the photos and updates. I came home to two happy fur babies!!

Vicki H, The Woodlands, TX

Pet Sitting Quinn
Pet Sitting Tai

Pet Sitting Bear
Pet Sitting Tank
Love how friendly she is with my babies. Very flexible schedule and willing to go above and beyond to make sure my babies are taken care of. Love how she cares for my babies and is not just there for a paycheck. Thank you A Leash Above!

T.E., The Woodlands, TX

Hilda is very dependable, responsible, reliable, trustworthy, takes wonderful care of our new puppy and seems to genuinely love our dog as much as we do! She is also super organized and has outstanding communication skills. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER.

Becky S, The Woodlands, Texas

Pet Sitting Puppy
Pet Sitting Puppy
Pet Sitting Puppy

Pet Sitting Chloe and Starbuck
Chloe & Starbuck
I was strongly satisfied with the overall care the dogs received and the care about my home. A Leash Above provided enough info about the visits to keep me satisfied and responds to my calls in a timely manner. I feel I got my money's worth with them. I was satisfied with the security measures taken and would strongly recommend A Leash Above to other people. The dogs are happy.

Melissa C, The Woodlands

Pet Sitting Pet Sitting
Everything went wonderfully. This is the first time I had an extended leave from my boys. When I was away I felt at peace and in the loop. When I got home, all was well, and the attention to detail was evident. I unpacked my toothbrush and it was back to the routine--no interruptions thanks to A Leash Above.

Lora Lee, The Woodlands

Pet Sitting Sassy
Hilda is the most wonderful, loving, trustworthy and caring pet-sitter I have ever met!! I was very picky when I was searching for someone to watch our cat, Sassy. I was truly blessed to find Hilda. If your pet is like a family member like our cat is to us, then Hilda is your pet-sitter. When Hilda is with your pet, you will truly have peace and comfort while you are away.

Beth Garcia, The Woodlands

Pet Sitting Bella
Pet Sitting Joy
Inga & Me
Hilda took care of my home and dog for a full 2 weeks this summer and later for another 9 days. It was so awesome having her come to my home as she not only took superb care of my dog, but she took care of things like getting the mail, watering plants, picking up the paper, etc. It also really made me feel good that someone was coming and going from my home several times a day for security reasons. I usually kennel my dog and she is so nervous, jumping all over me when I pick her up and exhausted for several days. When I came home, both times, she was so relaxed, you wouldn't even have known that I had been away from her. Hilda sent me several pictures and texts. It was so wonderful receiving them and I could see that my dog was doing so well. The cost is so reasonable and with so many more advantages than boarding one's dog. I will continue to use A Leash Above in the future, and already have already made another reservation for Oct.

Sheryl, The Woodlands, TX

This is just a quick word of commendation for a kind-hearted person and my former neighbor, Hilda Bowen. As a veterinarian, I can report with confidence that Hilda is very pet-friendly and is alert to any potential medical conditions. I would absolutely trust her with our own pet care!

Kathleen Durfee DVM

Pet Sitting Bella
Pet Sitting Joy
Pet Sitting Roxie
Pet Sitting Roxie
We can’t thank you enough for all the help you gave us with the three girls. It’s such a pleasure to be able to walk the three together without all the pulling and tugging. Bella now behaves very well on the leash you recommended. We will continue to follow your recommendations as we work with the dogs.
We were pleased with the way you handled our dogs and the patience you had with them. We highly recommend your services and are confident your clients will be happy.

Patty and Bob Lee

Mrs. Hilda has been a wonderful family friend for basically all my life. My family has had several dogs due to the fact that I'm a dog lover! One of our dogs, Rosie, was not an easy dog for anyone. The only person she would let watch her was Mrs. Hilda!! She really loves all creatures even if they are difficult. That meant a lot to my family and I know it will mean a lot to you! Call Mrs. Hilda!

Francis Norat

Pet Sitting Abbey
I never had to worry when Hilda watched my dog for me, whether it was for a day or a week. I would come back home and my dog was happy and you could tell that she had been cared for and that it had been done in a loving way. She would do whatever it was that that dogs needed and I asked for, whether that included feeding, walking, playing, or anything else, she was happy to do it and see that my dog was happy. She has such a warm heart for pets and loves seeing pets happy and content. I would ask her to watch my pets again if I ever needed her too.

Ella Sulzer

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